Greetings. I came to NC State in July 2014 after 17 years at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I focused most of my energy on mental health services research at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research. At the NC State School of Social Work, I enjoy teaching social justice and program evaluation and pursuing the following research interests:

  • Health and mental health services research
  • Child mental health and well-being
  • Methods for comparative effectiveness research (for example, propensity scores, disease risk scores)
  • Methods for stakeholder engagement (for example, prioritization, discrete choice analysis)
  • Social work education


One current project is a systematic review of literature on psychotropic medication use in children. The goal is to describe current knowledge about rates and predictors of psychotropic medication use.  In another current project, we are examining the distribution and use of psychiatric beds in North Carolina.


For social-justice resources, click here. I’m working on a way to search using multiple tags. Meanwhile, readers may find it helpful to click on individual tags or use the “tag cloud” at the right side of each page.

I’ve started a small collection of propensity-scoring resources. For access, click here.

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For more information, please follow the above links to examine the project descriptions, take a look at my CV, and/or contact me.